To improve the quality and develop higher-class product, the packaging material was changed to full-surface printing and aluminum foil. But still there are some transparent package products on the same line.


Installing a Hybrid X-ray inspection machine that can inspect both transparent and aluminum packaging. It is now possible to conduct inspections with strict standards for foreign matter, seal jamming, and shape.

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Background:Thinking to build a new line.

The customer wants to have a system that can inspect foreign matters, seal jamming, shape, and oxygen absorber missing. By printing the entire surface of the packaging material to improve the quality, and by changing the packaging material to aluminum in order to produce high-class products, they were in trouble because the existing camera and visual (human eyes) inspection could not be performed.

Reason of installation:Both transparent and aluminum package can be inspected with high sensitivity.

SXS machine is able to inspect transparent/printed, and even aluminum foil package. It sees not only sealing spot but also inside with X-ray with 1 system, it saves space too. The customer can set strict standards for foreign matter (than the conventional machine), seal jamming, and shape (cracks and chips), which helps improve quality.

How it works:New products can be set up by customer.

When customer starts to produce new products, they say it is easy to copy from another product setting and paste on the new slot. After minor adjustments (such as package length, product shape, etc) they can start production.






*Some cases may contain special options as necessary.
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X-ray Seal Inspection System
SXS2-2154HC1D / SXS2-3474HC1D

Both Foreign body & Seal fault are detected with one system. After packaged even with aluminum or other material, the X-ray and optical system see inside and find “Jamming (Seal fault)”, “Foreign object”, “Relative mass”, “Shape”, “Numbers”, “Length”, etc.

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