Stones are found in a coffee bag. There has been no solution to ensure the food safety in the production line.


Install an X-ray machine so that not only metals but also stones, glass, etc. can be found in the production line.

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Background:Need a solution to prevent from being contaminated with stones.

Stones and metals can be contaminated in coffee beans during harvest. Although those most contaminants are rejected by destoner, some cannot be rejected, and they go to packaging step.

Reason of installation:To reduce the risk of contaminant claims.

Sometimes those are found in the coffee mill machine after breaking some parts of the machine. Customer asked us if we can solve the problem, and we found that there are some spaces at before roasting and after packaging line to install our X-ray solution.

How it works:Reduced the claims and keep the brands as safe.

Contamination of stones and metals in coffee product has been a long-history problem in the industry. Destoner and color sorter can find them, but not all of them and there was no way to inspect. Now customer got a way to control product quality with saved X-ray images in the data server.






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Medium size X-ray Inspection System SX2-4074W

Due to its unique sealed structure, the machine has water and dust proof as conforming to IP66. Therefore, it can be kept sanitary by washing the entire body. Our original algorism can detect tiny foreign objects inside products. Metal/Stone/Glass/Bone/Resin etc. can be found even the product is packaged by can or aluminum materials, and unpackaged.

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