1: Jamming between aluminum package materials. 2: Shape of the tablets (Chipped/Cracked) in the sheet. Both inspections are required to improve quality of the product.


X-ray seal inspection software and conveying system perform well for even thin products.

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Background:Install our X-ray to improve quality control.

To keep the quality, each sheet was inspected by human one by one. However, since aluminum package is not transparent, it was very difficult to detect faults by their eyes. Then we proposed X-ray seal inspection machine that can improve the accuracy and cost performance.

Reason of installation:X-ray performs good accuracy at the actual sample test.

The test was done with faulty products (Chipped/Cracked). But it also detected jamming tablets in the alminum foil. The result proved the machine can detect well, while keeping the amount of production.

How it works:The pharma company can provide good quality to customers.

Faulty products were detected in the actual production line. Those products are clearly shown with X-ray images. The customer was surprised that there are more faulty products than they thought.





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X-ray Seal Inspection System
SXS2-2154HC1D / SXS2-3474HC1D

Both Foreign body & Seal fault are detected with one system. After packaged even with aluminum or other material, the X-ray and optical system see inside and find “Jamming (Seal fault)”, “Foreign object”, “Relative mass”, “Shape”, “Numbers”, “Length”, etc.

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