Inefficiency (Food Loss at inspection step). Lower sensitivity.


Installing an X-ray inspection machine that has a better sensitivity and smooth transport system for red beans, we contribute to reduce the number of false alarms that were excluded as defective products despite of OK products.

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Background:Loss at the inspection step.

Red beans are very light and small. When they gain momentum, they often fell off the conveyor, remained in the gaps inside the inspection machine, or caused loss during passing through the inspection machine. It was necessary to think any measures...

Reason of installation:Reduce the loss of products and properly eliminate defective products.

The inlet port is designed to minimize the drop gap. The product guides are equipped inside the machine so that beans do not enter any gaps, and the conveyor belt is inclined toward the center (making ramps). The outlet port is designed as cylinder-shape. It was clear it would solve the problem.

How it works:Reduce false alarms, enhance efficiency, and detect smaller foreign objects.

With this installation, the number of products that fell from the inspection line has decreased. In particular, the output port, which had a lot of falls, has become a cylinder-shaped outlet. It comes out like a water faucet, so the amount of popping out has been reduced. It has improved the yield rate and tiny foreign objects are rejected due to higher resolution sensor.

▲How to detach the parts on the conveyor.




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Medium size X-ray Inspection System
SX2-2353HW / SX2-3873HW

New original sensor and algorism that can see objects very clear and detect tiny foreign objects is mounted. Metal/Stone/Glass/Bone/Resin etc. can be found even the product is packaged by can or aluminum materials, and unpackaged.The whole body is washable due to IP66 conformity (waterproof/dustproof).

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