Increasing threat of contamination claims. Food loss caused by rejector.


Introduce X-ray with 3H model that carries high-sensitive original sensors.

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Background:Replacing old X-ray machine to high quality one.

A foreign object was found in the product. But it is not possible to detect by the old X-ray machine. The factory decided to replace the X-ray to new one that performs high sensitivity so that they reduce contamination risks.

Reason of installation:Find smaller foreign objects, improve efficiency.

In the past, bulk products were sorted by passing them all at once, so many good items were dropped together when rejecting out foreign objects. The new inspection machine divides into 2 routes and carries 2 rejectors, so it rejects less numbers of products.

How it works:Higher yield rate.

High-precision sensor finds smaller test cards of metal, bone, stone, glass, hard resin, etc. Foreign objects that were previously undetectable can now be detected. And by dividing the route, it reduced the number of non-defective products involved and conducts efficient inspections.




*Some cases may contain special options as necessary.
*Contents are subject to change without prior notice.



Medium size X-ray Inspection System
SX2-2353HW / SX2-3873HW

New original sensor and algorism that can see objects very clear and detect tiny foreign objects is mounted. Metal/Stone/Glass/Bone/Resin etc. can be found even the product is packaged by can or aluminum materials, and unpackaged.The whole body is washable due to IP66 conformity (waterproof/dustproof).

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