Products such as powder foundation are fragile. Customer has a trouble due to the gaps between conveyors and shaking during transportation.


Install a new integrated inspection and rejector machine that saves space with a device structure that does not easily affect thin products.

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Background:By increasing demand and customer’s stern eyes to the quality.

By expanding cosmetics market, younger and more people can get cosmetics easily. It is getting much more rapid to spread and receive much information by them, good reputation but also bad one. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality control.

Reason of installation:Need a better solution of X-ray inspection to prevent damage to the product when passing it through the machine.

Since cosmetics are delicate products, it is necessary to be very careful when handling them so that they get no damage. With the existing machine, there was a problem in the inspection, such as cracks in the product or the product hitting to the X-ray curtains due to the step at transferring conveyors.

How it works:By hand, X-ray, and better X-ray---

The customer had inspected the products by human eyes at the beginning. The old X-ray had been performing well for checking the products’ quality but still it had problems of conveying. Now new X-ray minimize the faulty rate and achieves smooth production.





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Medium size X-ray Inspection System SX2-2554W

Due to its unique sealed structure, the machine has water and dust proof as conforming to IP66. Therefore, it can be kept sanitary by washing the entire body. Our original algorism can detect tiny foreign objects inside products. Metal/Stone/Glass/Bone/Resin etc. can be found even the product is packaged by can or aluminum materials, and unpackaged.

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