When passing through the X-ray inspection machine, the batter (breadcrumbs) of frozen fried food fell off, affecting the inspection.


Having a gap between conveyors in the X-ray system, the machine eliminates the batter of fries.

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Background:Demand for frozen food is increasing due to changes in home meals due to shrinking household sizes and an increase in single-person households.

The demand for ingredients that can be easily cooked and ready meal is increasing. The same is true for frozen foods, and in response to the increase in production volume, there is a need to change to a more efficient production system.

Reason of installation:By increasing quantity of the production, malfunction also increase.

Excess batter of fried food tends to fall off during transportation, and if the batter accumulates on the belt or inside the inspection machine, it affects the inspection, which has been a source of trouble sometimes. Due to the increase in production volume, problems occurred frequently during inspection, so the main premise for replacing the X-ray inspection machine was to improve the problem of batter.

How it works:Minimize the affect of batter and enhance the efficiency.

The step at the transfer section prevents excess batter from accumulating, reducing the effect on the inspection. By changing the inspection from one lane to two lanes, the inspection efficiency has increased and stable production has become possible. In the rejecting section, faulty products can be rejected out for each lane, enabling efficient operation.

▲Easy-to-wash structure.




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Medium size X-ray Inspection System
SX2-2353HW / SX2-3873HW

New original sensor and algorism that can see objects very clear and detect tiny foreign objects is mounted. Metal/Stone/Glass/Bone/Resin etc. can be found even the product is packaged by can or aluminum materials, and unpackaged.The whole body is washable due to IP66 conformity (waterproof/dustproof).

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