Contaminated product was released. The existing machine cannot detect small metals.


SD3P series that has high-sensitivity is able to detect even small metal pieces. The operation is simple and easy to understand for all workers.

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Background:Metal-contaminated product was released, and the old existing machine cannot detect it.

The inspection machine that had been used for many years was getting old. When the user tested with a small metal foreign object, it could not detect. Besides, it was not easy to set up and adjust settings. The customer was looking for a model with higher inspection sensitivity and simple interface.

Reason of installation:High sensitivity and simple interface.

Since the employees are getting aged and only few people know how-to set up the old machine, they require simple one. The color screen and touch panel are easy to understand. And it performed good performance (find smaller objects) at the test.

How it works:Reduce false alarms - Stable production.

With the existing machine, there were many malfunctions and false alarms, and in some cases the production line stopped. After installing a new metal detector (SD3P series), false alarms are decreased, and metal foreign objects can be detected easily.





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Medium size Metal Detectors SD3P-45BType

Suitable for middle size and heavy products (up to 20 kg) such as vegetables, meat, cheese, pet food, etc. that is under 45 cm width. Bulk, packaged, and unpackaged products can be inspected. Metals such as iron, stainless-steel, brass, etc. can be detected.

SD3P-45B Type
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