Faulty product (jammed in the sealing area of the aluminum packaging) went out to the market.


Installation of X-ray seal inspection machine, which performs foreign matter inspection and seal inspection of aluminum packaging materials with high sensitivity.

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Background:The outflow of defective products and review of quality control.

It was discovered that a pet food product jammed in the sealing area of the aluminum packaging went out to the market. In addition to preventing the outflow of defective (jammed) products, the customer wanted to collect information on all defective products and work to improve quality control.

Reason of installation:SYSTEM SQUARE’s original technology solved the problem of unstable transport due to light weight.

For a long time, product transportation was unstable. The products rotate and change the angle often during conveying. It was worried that an inspection would not be stable if there are variations, but SYSTEM SQUARE's X-ray inspection machine can automatically correct the angle of the image. By the sample test conducted with the actual product, it was cleared that the correction works for this product too.

How it works:Capability to detect jamming even in aluminum packaging and foreign body with high sensitivity.

This X-ray seal inspection system is capable of stably detecting jamming of pet food in the sealed portion of the aluminum packaging. And it detects foreign body in the package simultaneously. The customer has installed the X-ray seal inspection machine in just before the shipping process, and achieved improvement of quality control.





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X-ray Seal Inspection System
SXS2-2154HC1D / SXS2-3474HC1D

Both Foreign body & Seal fault are detected with one system. After packaged even with aluminum or other material, the X-ray and optical system see inside and find “Jamming (Seal fault)”, “Foreign object”, “Relative mass”, “Shape”, “Numbers”, “Length”, etc.

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