In the process of manufacturing, products with defective shapes such as cracks and chips went out to the market, and bring complaints. It was difficult to identify defective products because the packaging was made of Japanese paper (semi-transparent) and it was difficult to see the contents inside.


X-ray seal inspection machine can detect shape faults (cracks and chips) even in various sizes of crackers. Because X-ray inspection machine captures images, it can clearly see the product’s shape.

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Background:Complaints increased due to outflow of defective products.

While manufacturing large/small types of rice crackers, products with defective shapes such as cracks, chips, small size, and small quantity went out the market, and complaints increased. Because the packaging material is Japanese paper, there was no good solution for solving it.

Reason of installation:Reason of installation:Due to the manpower shortage, it was difficult to maintain/improve the quality.

To improve the outflow of defective products to the market, the customer was considering increasing the number of employees. But, it was difficult due to the shortage of manpower. By introducing an X-ray inspection machine, they tried to reduce the burden on workers and make it possible to work efficiently even with the limited number of people.

How it works:Only 1 X-ray system, for various types of products.

Since several inspection items (for example, length, crack, area, etc. ) are installed in the software as standard, users can choose item(s) which work well for various products. In this case, the customer said it was a great help to be able to perform stable inspections for package made of Japanese paper film (semi-transparent). They thought that some crackers could not be inspected due to their unevenness, but it works.






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X-ray Seal Inspection System
SXS2-2154HC1D / SXS2-3474HC1D

Both Foreign body & Seal fault are detected with one system. After packaged even with aluminum or other material, the X-ray and optical system see inside and find “Jamming (Seal fault)”, “Foreign object”, “Relative mass”, “Shape”, “Numbers”, “Length”, etc.

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