A defective product with black tea bag jammed in the sealed part of the package went out to the market. The tea bag was damaged when a consumer bought. Therefore complaints were raised.


Installation of an X-ray inspection machine that can detect defective tea bags caught in the package seal.

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Background:A defective product that was not possible to be detected by the human-visual inspection went out and complaint was occurred.

Black tea bags are wrapped in aluminum film to maintain quality. However, if any part of the product is jammed in the sealing of the package, the sealing (airtightness) can be lost, the aroma and flavor may be impaired, and the tea bag that wraps the tea leaves may be torn. Human-visual inspections have been conducted by inspectors, but it was difficult to inspect packages made of aluminum film.

Reason of installation:The best performance at the test in the customer's actual production line.

At an exhibition, SYSTEM SQUARE introduced and performed the X-ray seal inspection machine. The customer asked some inspection system manufacturers to have a test. Compared with others, there was no big difference in performance in the sample test. However, in an actual production test (in-line demonstration), SYSTEM SQUARE's inspection machine was able to detect defective products with the highest accuracy among them.

How it works:It becomes possible to detect a jamming fault that was impossible before because the package is in the aluminum film.

After the introduction of the inspection machine, it is now possible to detect a jamming of tags, strings, and tea bags containing tea leaves more accurately than by human-visual inspection. The customer is now able to detect faulty products that were often overlooked by human-visual inspections. They say that this has been effective in reducing the outflow of defective products.







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X-ray Seal Inspection System
SXS2-2154HC1D / SXS2-3474HC1D

Both Foreign body & Seal fault are detected with one system. After packaged even with aluminum or other material, the X-ray and optical system see inside and find “Jamming (Seal fault)”, “Foreign object”, “Relative mass”, “Shape”, “Numbers”, “Length”, etc.

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