Development, design, manufacture, and sale of foreign body inspection machines
This foreign body inspection machine is designed to detect whether or not foreign body (metal, stone, bone, and/or glass, etc.) is mixed with products processed at the plant. The foreign body inspection machine is utilized in a wide variety of applications, such as food and medical supply industries that require high safety.
System Square is a foreign body inspection machine manufacturer having originally developed know-how and develops inspection machines with a top-level accuracy in the world to provide the customers with security and safety.

Excellent technology

System Square has branched out into the foreign body inspection field based on various design and development results that have been accumulated since its establishment. As new functions have been utilized positively, System Square provides higher system performance when compared to other manufacturers to expand the market share.
Presently, System Square’s excellent technical capability becomes widespread in the market and its accuracy and usability have steadily increased the sales results not only in Japan, but also in Asia where needs of foreign body inspection machines have increased recently.
Even in the future, System Square will further increase the product accuracy to spread the safety and security based on the excellent technology.

Responding to customers’ needs

One of System Square’s features is a consistent system from the development to the sales. This allows all related employees to share the information and quickly respond to the customer’s delicate requirements. Additionally, System Square can flexibly make the customization corresponding to individual requirements.
This business manner that strives to satisfy the customer’s needs at the maximum level obtains solid reliability in the foreign body inspection machine industry.