Corporate profile

Activity Policy

Revolution & Challenge

  1. We do not always satisfy the current situation and should strive to act with the strong intention to continue transforming.
  2. We provide excellent products and services as an international company having a global vision.
  3. We construct the reliable relationship with stakeholders (customers, business partners, employees, stock holders, and regions) to aim at concordant growth.
  4. 4 We form a company climate like a square where people freely gather to construct a dynamic workplace.

Privacy policy

  1. We collect, store, use, and provide personal information limited only to the items necessary for the business purpose, employment, and personnel administration.
  2. When we obtain personal information, we specify the purpose of use and notice or announce it. When we use the personal information, we carefully handle it according to the specified purpose.
  3. We take appropriate measures and proper management to prevent any personal information from leaking, missing, or altering.
  4. We always review the personal information protection system and strive to improve it based on the customers’ needs and the latest IT technology.
  5. We respond in a sincere manner to the disclosure, correction, deletion, and stop request about personal information we have.
  6. In addition to the rules above, we strictly observe the laws and other related regulations about personal information protection that apply to the personal information. Furthermore, we properly handle the personal information in conformity with the custom about handling of the personal information generally admitted as validity.

Basic procurement policy

  1. We strictly observe the laws and social rules to implement sound and fair corporate activities.
  2. We implement the procurement activities that are widely opened inside and outside Japan from a long-term and global viewpoint.
  3. We give the priority to the suppliers with excellent characteristics about the quality, economy, delivery time, and company’s reliability based on the fair and free competition rules.
  4. We strive to make the mutual understanding with the suppliers and construct the reliable relationship to aim at coexistence and co-prosperity based on the concept that we and suppliers are partners to produce more excellent products together.