President Kiyotaka Yamada

We aim to be a 100-year-old company be hailed as a “global brand”.

We at SYSTEM SQUARE, have striven to develop electronics units and inspection systems since our establishment, 1989. Nowadays, industrial fields and customers have highly evaluated SYSTEM SQUARE as “company with high quality and technology”. SYSTEM SQUARE has grown as a company that contributes to the society through foreign body inspection machines.

We at SYSTEM SQUARE, always study the needs through exchanges with the customers and consider that these needs are development seeds to pursuit new technologies. We always stare at the basics of the foreign body inspection, positively introduce leading technologies into highly sensitive, easy-to-operate, and energy saving inspection machines to develop attractive machines meeting the current needs with passion. Furthermore, SYSTEM SQUARE provides the production lines with the safety and reliability as total planning company for the foreign body inspection.

Even in the future, we at SYSTEM SQUARE, will always strive to provide products and services that impress the customers. SYSTEM SQUARE welcomes customers’ comments and feedbacks, and inputs into the development of products.
Sincerely yours,