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History, R&D Results

System Square’s history is its challenge history. The company started with the designing of electronics application units, and then has worked for development of various units and systems, such as pattern recognition units and image-processing system. We have repeated failures, and trial and error process to accumulate the know-how to establish the current position as foreign body inspection machine manufacturer.

Christian year
(Japanese era)
1989 (H1)
Company was established
Development, design, and manufacture work of electronics application units was started.
1990 (H2) Pattern recognition unit was developed.
1991 (H3) Prototype navigation system was manufactured.
1992 (H4) Company was moved to NARIC, Shinanogawa Technopolis Organization.
Image processing system was developed.
1993 (H5) 64-bit floating-point arithmetic unit was developed.
1994 (H6) Appearance inspection machine (laser)
was developed.
1995 (H7) Flatness inspection machine was developed.
1995 (H8) history_img04Study and experiment of metal detector were started.
1997 (H9) Control unit for unmanned traveling cart was developed.
1998 (H10) Development of character and pattern inspection machine was started.
1999 (H11) Sale of metal detector was started.
Exhibited at Japan International Packaging Machine Show, JAPAN PACK 1999.
2000 (H12) Exhibited at International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition, FOOMA JAPAN 2000.
Exhibited at TOKYO PACK 2000.
Afterward, exhibited at two trade fairs every year.
2002 (H14) history_img06Label inspection machine was developed.
2003 (H15) Company was moved from Shinanogawa Technopolis to the current building.
Company name was changed to System Square Inc.
2004 (H16) history_img07Submerged foreign body inspection machine was developed.
history_img08Sale of X-ray foreign body inspection system was started.
2005 (H17) Warehouse was expanded.
2006 (H18) history_img09Metal detector META-HAWK II was announced.
Sale of new X-ray foreign body inspection system was started.
2008 (H20) history_img10Sale of X-ray foreign body inspection system SX20-series was started.
history_img11Company was selected as “300 Active MONOZUKURI small and medium enterprises in 2008” conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2009(H21) history_img13Niigata IDS Design Competition Prize was awarded by Niigata Industrial Creation Organization and Niigata Prefecture.
history_img14Japan Pack Awards 2009 Prize was awarded by Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
2010(H22) Good Design Awards
“Award of Small and Medium Enterprises”, Received.
Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization
Prize of Technique
from Niigata Government.
2011(H23) history_img14Japan Pack Awards 2011 Prize was awarded by Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
Sale of seal inspection system was started.history_img16
2012(H24) history_img18Senken Merchandise and Advertisement Prize “Encouragement Prize” was awarded.
history_img15Good Design Award 2012 was awarded.
Japan Institute of Design Promotion
R&D center was established.
2013(H25) history_img019System Square’s design exhibition was opened.

history_img20“Technology Prize” was awarded by the Japan Society for Precision Engineering Hokuriku Shinetsu Branch.

history_img21Sale of overall waterproof X-ray inspection systems
SX2554W and SX4074W was started.
history_img22Sale of metal detector
META-HAWK3 was started.
history_img23Sale of X-ray inspection system for inspection of continuous packing
SX2044W was started.
history_img24Sale of seal inspection system
SXS2154C1D was started.