About foreign body inspection system


A foreign body inspection system is a machine that detects minute foreign bodies that are difficult to find with the human eye.
System Square's foreign body inspection system are used to automatically detect foreign body in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, daily necessities, and industrial products.
There are various types such as metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems, and seal inspection systems. Non-contact and non-destructive inspections are possible, and defective products are eliminated in conjunction with the sorter.
In particular, the demand for food safety is becoming increasingly severe, and it is an indispensable inspection system for delivering safe products to consumers.

What you can do with our machine

In addition to detecting foreign bodies such as minute metals, bones, glass, and stones, various inspections such as shape inspection for cracks and chippings, weight inspection (estimated mass), and Qty measurement are possible.
A wide range of items can be inspected at the same time by customizing strong area of each inspection system in combination.


Example of foreign body inspection process

Taking one of food product as an example, it goes through various processes, such as being processed at multiple factories, and finally reaches the consumer.
If a foreign body is accidentally mixed in somewhere, being checked by a foreign body inspection machine many a time so it will not proceed the next step in a dangerous state. So safety and peace of mind are maintained.




About Metal Detector

This metal detector is an inspection system most widely used as a system that detects a foreign body mixed with products. Various types of metals such as iron and stainless steel can be detected. It reacts with high sensitivity to thin foil-like metal, powdery metal such as rust, and printing ink containing metal components.
It is a machine that finds foreign body by utilizing the fact that the magnetic field (line of magnetic force) changes when metal passes.
When metal is mixed in the object, the magnetic field generated by the machine changes due to the influence, and the metal is detected by detecting the change.

Metal that is easy to detect / hard to detect

There are magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Iron attracted to a magnet is a magnetic substance and is the most easily detected metal. Metals that do not attract to magnets are non-magnetic, and stainless steel is the most difficult metal to detect. Since the minimum size that can be detected differs depending on the type of metal, there are two types of test pieces that measure the capacity of the metal detector: iron and stainless steel (SUS304).

About effect of the product

The product that you want to inspect itself also affects the magnetic field generated by the machine. This is called effect of the product.
Products that contain a lot of moisture and salt, or products that contain metal components in the packaging material, such as aluminum vapor-deposited packaging, have a larger effect of the product.
If the effect of the product is large, the foreign body reaction will be drowned out and inspection accuracy will decrease. In the System Square's metal detector, in order to reduce the effect of products, various technologies have been introduced to realize highly sensitive foreign body inspection.

To get better sensitivity

If you understand characteristic of metal detector, you can use machine by more high sensibility.

Choose a coil opening that is as small as possible according to the size of the product.

Higher sensitivity can be expected by inspecting individually wrapped rather than passing many product through the machine all together.

Stable high sensitivity can be expected if the shape of the product does not change.
It is possible to keep stable sensitivity if the product is flat and thin, or if the product has no partial deflection in package.

The higher the product temperature, the larger the effect of the product and the lower the sensitivity. It is effective to keep the temperature low and to keep it from changing.

Difference of wire-like foreign body sensitivity

The metal of the test piece that measures the ability of the machine is spherical, Metal detectors have different detection sensitivities depending on the shape of foreign body.
In particular, in the shape of a bar like a wire, the sensitivity varies greatly depending on the direction when it passes through the coil.

Coil sensitivity distribution

The closer to the coil opening wall, the better the sensitivity, and the lower the sensitivity is at the center.

About X-ray Inspection System


The X-ray inspection system can see the inside of the object through the same principle as X-ray photography.
X-rays are made into a thin beam to irradiate the product to be inspected, and the transmission amount is measured with a semiconductor type line sensor and taken as an image. Analyzes the captured monochrome X-ray transmission images and automatically distinguishes foreign body from images. In addition to metal, foreign body such as stone, glass, bone, and hard rubber can be detected.

Conceptual drawing of X-ray inspection system


Mechanism of X-ray inspection system

Mechanism of X-ray generation

The X-ray irradiated from the X-ray generation tube reaches the line sensor through a product to be inspected. Images are captured based on the measured transmission amount. X-ray transmission images that have been captured are analyzed to automatically judge foreign bodies and others.
Shutting down the current will stop the X-ray immediately.
When the tube voltage is increased, the wavelength of the X-ray becomes short to increase the transmission capability. This is effective to detect thick products to be inspected and foreign bodies with a high density. Detection of foreign bodies with a low density may be improved by decreasing the tube voltage.

The following inspections can be performed at the same time.

Foreign bodies made from various materials can be detected.

In addition to metal foreign bodies, other foreign bodies, such as stone, glass, bone, and high-density plastic can be inspected.
Comparing products to be inspected, materials with relatively higher density are detected easily. As a reference, materials which float in water have an extremely low density and are difficult to detect.

Inside inspection of metallic packing materials

If the packaging is a metallic material, the metal detector reacts with the packaging material and cannot be inspected. But, the X-ray inspection system can detect foreign body inside the canned food or inside the aluminum packaging material.

Shape inspections

Inspect shape faults such as crack, or chipping.

Qty. inspection

Inspect excess and deficiency of Qty.

Mask inspection

Any part can be excluded from the inspection target or inspected separately.

Weight inspection

Relative mass (weight) can be inspected using density. It is possible to inspect even product that can not be inspected by a mass meter and that are in the form of loose pieces or strings. Also, there are cases where inspection can be performed with higher accuracy than a mass meter during high-speed conveyance.

X-ray belongs to electromagnetic waves

The X-ray inspection system is so designed that the inside of an article can be seen clearly by utilizing the principles that are basically the same as the X-ray radiography. Soft X-ray with small energy among X-rays is used for the X-ray inspection.


Example of X-ray exposure level comparisons

X-ray inspection sytems are designed to be much lower than the exposure received from the natural world in daily life and are safe.
For that reason, it can be used without special handling ualifications.


Difference between radiation and radioactivity

It is safe because the X-ray generation can be stopped instantly by turning off the power of the device.


About X-ray Seal Inspection System


About X-ray Seal Inspection System

In the process of packaging the object, the packaging film is crimped by applying heat and pressure to close the opening. Closing by crimping is called sealing, but if a foreign body bites into that part, sealing will be incomplete. The seal inspection system inspects it.

Jam defects are an important inspection because they not only make the packaging look bad, but also significantly impair the preservation of the contents and are related to safety and security. System Square's seal inspection system uses an optical camera (a camera that captures visible light) (SLS), and in addition to that, an X-ray (a mechanism that captures the interior with invisible light) There are two types of hybrid inspection system (SXS).

What you can do with X-ray seal inspection system and seal inspection system

What you can do with our machine

Packing material

Fragments, broken pieces, or seal faults of the seal parts are detected to reject the product.

Packing material
Too long or too short

Package with an abnormal size due to packing machine failure can be detected to reject the product.

Packing material
Empty bag

Empty bag containing no product can be detected to reject the product.

Packing material
Liquid jams

Various jams from liquid to semi-solid in the seal parts can be detected to reject the product.

Packing material
Cup container jams

Jam, seal fault, or package fault that occurs in the seal part around the cup container can be detected to reject the product

Packing material and product
Foreign body(with Metal Detector and SXS)

The inspection system equipped with the metal detector can detect metal foreign bodies. The SXS inspection system can detect foreign bodies, such as metal, bone, glass, and stone.

Packing material and product
Double-packaged product

Connected packages due to package separation failure can be detected to reject the product.

Weight (SXS)

Relative weight inspection based on X-ray images. The weight is measured using the X-ray.

2-piece pack

1-piece pack bag product containing a quantity more than the specified level can be detected to reject the product.

Too large or too small

Area, width, and length of the product are measured to detect and reject the product not satisfying the specified size.

Crack / Chipping

Faults such as product fracture, chipping, or crack from the outer periphery can be detected.

Chipping / edge

It is possible to detect chipping that has occurred in the corner of the product.


Small holes made during production of rice confectioneries or baked confectioneries can be detected.

Detection example of seal inspection system

Deep draw packaging
Tray packaging
Four sided seal packaging
Pillow packaging
Pillow packaging
Packaging with fastener

Packing materials and applicable models

For machine using optical cameras(SLS), it is effective when the seal of the inspection target is transparent. The hybrid inspection system(SXS) is suitable for inspection of all packaging materials.