What kinds of foreign bodies can be inspected?

The metal detector can detect metallic foreign bodies. It is also good at detecting rusted, aluminum foil, or thin needle foreign bodies.
The X-ray inspection system can detect stone, glass, bone, and plastic foreign bodies in addition to metallic foreign bodies.
Additionally, it can also detect foreign bodies inside the aluminum packing materials.
The seal inspection system can detect foreign bodies caught in crimping seals of packing materials.
The X-ray seal inspection system can also inspect even aluminum packing materials.

Is it possible to conduct an inspection other than foreign body inspection?

The metal detector can inspect missing oxygen scavengers.
The X-ray inspection system can detect shape faults, such as crack or chipping, inspect the weight, and measure the contained quantity.
The seal inspection system can detect shape faults, such as crack or chipping.

Is it possible to inspect products other than foods?

Yes, it is. We have various inspection experiences, such as medicines, shoes, plastic products, paper products, wood products, and electronic parts.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

We want to conduct the inspection with a higher sensitivity when compared to the existing equipment.

We at SYSTEM SQUARE, borrow inspection product samples and submit the sensitivity report free of charge. Please compare these results.
We also support the demonstration of the latest machines.
Additionally, the sensitivity may also be improved by reviewing the production line. For more information, please contact us.

Are there equipment variations other than models stated in the catalog or on website available?

We made many special machines in the past. We also support the custom-made design suitable for needs at the production site.
We will propose optimal specifications based on past know-how.

It is very difficult for us to manage the inspection data as many inspection systems are installed.

Software is available that connects the systems to collect the inspection data, and manages and utilizes this data on the personal computer.
It is also possible to customize the software specifications so that they meet the customer’s needs. For more information, please contact us.

We want to reduce the maintenance costs after installation of X-ray inspection system.

Systems that are operated at low running costs and take the energy saving into consideration are available in the product lineup. The maintenance costs can be reduced up to 60%.

We operate the X-ray inspection system in an environment where the temperature is high and a large amount of powder particle dust exists. Therefore, the system sometimes malfunctions.

Completely sealed type (overall system conforms to IP66) system is also available in the product lineup. Use of this system makes it possible to eliminate malfunctions that arise if moisture or dust particle enters the inside of the system. As cooling mechanism is incorporated, the system does not need any option cooler to ensure low price.

Is it possible to conduct the training course about foreign body inspection systems?

Yes, it is. We can give easy-to-understand lectures on system features, inspection mechanism, safety precautions, and maintenance points.

We need catalogs. What do we do?

You can download the catalog in the PDF format from [Download] on our website.
Or, we will send the catalog if you inform us of it.