Meta Hawk III series

Circular type metal detector

Circular type metal detector


Model(SD3-xxxxCD/W) 080 100 130 150 180 200 250
Coil diameter φ80mm φ100mm φ130mm φ150mm φ180mm φ200mm φ250mm
Maximum passage width φ60mm φ80mm φ110mm φ130mm φ160mm φ180mm φ230mm
Fe φ0.4mm φ0.4mm φ0.5mm φ0.5mm φ0.6mm φ0.7mm φ0.8mm
SUS304 φ0.7mm φ0.7mm φ0.8mm φ0.8mm φ1.0mm φ1.2mm φ1.5mm
Amount of processing (Reference value) Minute powder 1t/h 2t/h 3.5t/h 5t/h 7t/h 9t/h 15t/h
Soybean 2t/h 4t/h 7t/h 10t/h 14t/h 18t/h 30t/h
Upon detection of metal Buzzer warning, detection signal
Power requirements AC100V±10%、50/60Hz、120VA
Mass(kg) 35 37 45 50 52 53 58

※Appropriate measures are taken so that no products are brought in contact with the inside of the passage port.
The detection sensitivity may vary depending on the product and/or operating environment.
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvement.

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