Meta Hawk III series

Drop type metal detector

Drop type metal detector


Model SD3-100CD/W-DF1710 SD3-3008D/W-Y-DF3010
Maximum passage width  φ87mm 82×282mm
Detection sensitivity Fe φ0.4mm φ0.5mm
SUS304 φ0.7mm φ1.0mm
Sorting method Integrated damper-type sorter
Power requirements AC100V±10%、50/60Hz、120VA
Air source 0.5~0.7MPa
Amount of processing (Reference value) Minute powder 2t/h
Soybean 4t/h
Minute powder 6t/h
Soybean 12t/h
Mass(kg) 99 170

※Appropriate measures are taken so that no products are brought in contact with the inside of the passage port.
The detection sensitivity may vary depending on the product and/or operating environment.
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvement.

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