Meta Hawk III series

Metal detector for needles

Metal detector for needles


Model(SD3-xxxxV/W) 4505 6517P 9617P 11825P
Maximum passage width 325mm 510mm 770mm 970mm
Maximum passage height 50mm 170mm 250mm
Detection sensitivity Fe φ0.6mm φ1.2mm φ1.8mm φ2.0mm
Belt speed 24m/min (50Hz)
Conveyor size belt width 200mm 350mm 500mm 700mm
length 1800mm 2200mm 2600mm 2800mm
Upon detection of metal Belt stopped, buzzer warning, or automatic sorting (option)
Transport weight 20kg 30kg
Power requirements AC100V±10%
50/60Hz 300VA
Three-phase AC200V±10% 50/60Hz 650VA
Coil type Concentric loop coil Opposed coil
Mass(kg) 210 300 380 500

※Appropriate measures are taken so that no products are brought in contact with the inside of the passage port.
The detection sensitivity may vary depending on the product and/or operating environment.
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvement.

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