Meta Hawk III series

SD3-45B Type

SD3-45B Type


D (non-waterproof) / W (waterproof)

Model(SD3-xxxxBD/W) 4505 4507 4509 4511 4514 4517 4520 4525 4530 4535
Maximum passage width 450mm
Maximum passage height 50 70 90 110 140 170 200 250 300 350
Fe φ0.4 φ0.45 φ0.5 φ0.55 φ0.6 φ0.7 φ0.7 φ0.8  φ0.9  φ1.0
SUS304 φ0.85 φ0.9 φ0.95 φ1.0 φ1.1 φ1.2  φ1.4  φ1.5  φ1.7  φ2.0
Belt speed 24m/min (50Hz)
Conveyor size 1200mm (length)×350mm (belt width)
Upon detection of metal Belt stopped, buzzer warning, or automatic sorting (option)
Transport weight 20kg
Power requirements AC100V±10%、50/60Hz、300VA

The values for detection sensitivity represent the values when only a test piece is fed over the belt surface.
Values may vary depending on the product being handled and operating environment.

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