Exhibition – ProPak China 2020 (Shanghai).

Although the new type of coronary pneumonia has fatally affected people’s economic activities, with the struggle of the whole people, we hope to get the world recovered as soon as possible.

Chinese business and daily life gradually are returning to normal. Therefore, we jointly exhibited ProPak China 2020 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center west of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport on November 25-27, which invited professionals in the industry. At the meeting, we shared the latest technology, which can help customers to solve problems of customer complaints caused by foreign matter in actual production.




Q: What is the difference between System square’s X-ray foreign body inspection and other brands? What is the most important point for choosing System Square’s products?

A: The core differentiation advantage of System square’s X-ray foreign body detector is to detect all kinds of very small foreign bodies (such as stainless steel balls with a diameter of 0.2mm, etc.) that are difficult to detect by other brands. It detects even it has very low density (such as chicken bones, egg shells, etc.) due to the world’s most advanced image processing software and most advanced sensors.

Secondly, our system is designed as more intuitive and simple operation interface. Anyone who do not have an operating experience can learn how-to within 5 minutes. Just like using a smart phone, anyone can quickly get started. This greatly shortens the training time.

Thirdly, our X ray systems (SX2554/4074 series) have a completely waterproof and airtight structure, without additional air conditioning, and can operate normally in watery, humid, and dusty environments.

Finally, easy-to-clean keeps itself sanitary. Besides, the waterproof structure ensures it.

Based on the above points, purchasing System square X-ray foreign body inspection machine can greatly improve the safety of customers’ products, and it is a very cost-effective solution.

Q: What are the differences and advantages of the software, and how to smoothly help customers protect their products and brands from contamination?

A: 10 detection levels are carried in the software therefore it can perform very high detection accuracy. Some detection methods are for low-density glass, stones, rubbers, resin and ceramics. And some detection methods are for high-density stainless steel, ferrous metal, etc., to ensure that there will be no foreign objects. Known as the top-level detector in the industry, our machines are optimized to find the remaining bones in fish and chicken, which are so difficult to detect. At the same time, it also carry area inspection, quantity inspection, relative-weight inspection, history management, full image storage, etc., to help users manage production quality. The complaint is reduced to a minimum.

Q: What is the featured machine exhibited at this year’s ProPak exhibition?

SX2353HW carry the outclassed high sensors and works with specially optimized software to detect much smaller foreign objects and tiny meat/fish bones that were difficult to detect by ordinary standard models.

We also exhibited the SX4078W, a standard X-ray foreign body inspection machine that is completely sealed and waterproof without any optional air conditioning.

At the same time, we also exhibited new metal detector, SD3 Plus series. The upgrade of the metal detector brings a more stable against anti-interference effect and a better sensitivity with moisture and salt.

The above are just part of the content we showed on ProPak China 2020. We can also customize various special models to correspond to various complex production lines. Please contact us to discuss together!