Meta Hawk III series

Easy operation

Color touch panel


large 5.7-inch color LCD is equipped with a touch panel function. The large screen displays a variety of illustrations and function descriptions for easy understanding of operating procedures (first in the domestic industry).The touch panel allows easy machine settings by intuitive operation and ensures comfort of the use.


Easy automatic sensitivity setting

This eliminates the difficulty of judging which inspection mode is most suitable for a specific product type.


Comfortable operation with large touch panel LCD



High detection sensitivity・Stable inspection performance

“V mode inspection” New system

As the product features are visualized using multiple phases, even fine changes are identified to achieve high sensitivity.


Advanced ECP function


  • In the MetaHawk3, this ECP function has been further advanced using the leading-edge data analysis technology. Use of this function makes it possible to precisely detect products containing water content or salt content with large effects as well as products with small effects.

2-frequency inspection technology is incorporated.


  • Use of the 2-frequency inspection method makes it possible to detect two kinds of foreign bodies, ferrous and nonferrous foreign bodies.
    (System Square incorporated this 2-frequency inspection technology into the mass-production machines, first in the world and already has 10-year past experiences.)

Stable inspection performance – Elimination of erroneous operations


  • The phase follow-up function prevents erroneous operations that could be caused by product shape, temperature, or change in the position of product inside the detection coil.
  • The sufficient thickness of the coil case eliminates the effects of external noise.
  • The machine structure is designed to resist physical vibrations. An original vibration filter is also equipped.


Extensive management functions

USB data management (option)

The inspection history data is transferred to PC for the management.(10,000 histories can be saved)


Data management through network (option)

The data of multiple machines can be managed with PC through the LAN network.


Enhanced communication function

4 serial ports and  LAN port is available for communication between PC, labeler, bar code, printer, etc.

Access mode selection

Protect from incorrect settings by inexperienced operators. Pass word is required to change access mode.


Easy cleaning(HACCP compatibility)

Easy cleaning

One-touch detachment/attachment of the conveyors requiring the frequent cleaning ensures the sanitary system.

Simple structure

Waterproofing model has simple frame structure made with stainless steel. It provides easy cleaning and high hygiene.
Timing belt is located outside of frame, so that it never interferes transportation belt.

The IP66 dust protection and waterproof standard is satisfied

The machine is capable of handling lines involved with water with sufficiently high sensitivity.It can be cleaned with water.

コンベア簡易脱着英語 清掃性英語

詳細説明_金検_英Importance of the quality control increases further.

  • PL(Product Liability)
    When it is proven that the defect of the product has the casual relationship with the damage if the customer had the threat to life, personal injury, or property damage caused by the defect of the product, the manufacturer shall accept responsibility regardless of the intentional or negligent detect.
  • ISO(International Organization for

    International standards to promote the distribution of goods and services. For example, there are quality assurance standard ISO9000 for the quality assurance management from the design phase to the after-sales service and environmental management standard ISO14001 for the production, service, and management.
  • HACCP(Hazard Analysis & Critical
    Control Point)

    Hazard that may occur in the food processing is analyzed (HA) and critical control point needing particular measures for the hazard is found (CCP). This point is monitored strictly to maintain the safety.