X-ray inspection system

Easy operation

Easy-to-use operability


Touch panel inspection screen ensures easy operation.NG level can also be adjusted intuitively.
(SX2044W, SX2554W, and SX4074W, etc.)

Versatile inspection functions

Foreign body inspection + shape inspection


In addition to the foreign body inspection, the shape inspection can be performed at the same time.
(For details about possible inspection products, contact System Square.)

Mask and missing product inspection


The mask function to specify an inspection range and the missing product inspection to check for missing product can also be made at the same time when the foreign body inspection is performed.

Various products can be inspected.

Foreign bodies in aluminum packing materials and cans, through which the light is not transmitted and the contents of which cannot be seen, are also detected.

A wide variety of foreign bodies can be detected.

The system inspects foreign objects with higher density more easily.


Extensive management functions

USB data management (option)


Data management through network (option)

The data of multiple machines can be managed with PC through the LAN network.




Incorrect inspection or hazardous work is prevented./h3>

Trapezoidal inspection port, that products are not flowed to the non-inspection area, prevents incorrect inspection.Illumination of the whole inspection port calls attention to operators during X-ray irradiation. (Patent pending)

(SX2044W, SX2554W, and SX4074W, etc.)

X-ray exposure level

The X-ray inspection system mainly uses the X-ray with a small energy.


Easy cleaning – HACCP compatibility

The HACCP-compatible all stainless steel body is sanitary and easy to clean up. (W[water proof] Type)
The IP66 dust protection and waterproof standard is satisfied. (inspection chamber of W[water proof] Type model)