X-ray inspection system

SX2171MW / SX3671MW

SX2171MW / SX3671MW

Equipped with a high-precision dual energy sensor

It is possible to float up only the foreign objects by performing image processing based on the X-ray images of two different energy bands. Due to this mechanism, high-precision inspection of foreign objects can be achieved.


Detection of minute foreign objects achieved with high precision

Minute foreign objects of 0.127mm high and 0.14mm wide can be detected from pharmaceutical raw material powder in a bag. In the test using a sample product, a highly reliable result of 10 successful detections out of 10 times was obtained.


Detection errors reduced by accurate identification of overlapped products

This system accurately identifies overlapped products and is effective to reduce detection errors. In the meat industry such as ham and sausage, it can effectively detect the foreign objects which it was difficult to detect by the conventional systems.



Model SX2171MW SX3671MW
Dimension of inspection product W188mm×H100mm W330mm×H100mm
Max. inspectable width (on the belt surface) 188mm 330mm
Transport belt speed 15 〜 45m/min *1 15 〜 45m/min *1
Transport weight 10kg
Detection sensitivity φ0.2mm iron or stainless ball, stone, glass, hard bone, and high density plastic pieces, etc. (Theoretical value)
Display unit 12.1-inch wide TFT color LCD (with touch panel)
Structure Main unit/Base: All-stainless (SUS304)
Waterproof structure with the main unit conforming to IP66 (excluding the cooler)
Pass line 750±50mm
Max. X-ray output Tube voltage (Max.): 75kV, Tube current (Max.): 8.0mA
However, the electric power is limited to 300W.
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 35℃, Humidity: 30 to 85%, No dew condensation allowed. (It is necessary to clean the filter periodically.)
Power supply   AC200V±10% 2.8kVA 50/60Hz

*1 For other transport belt speed, contact System Square Inc.
* Appropriate options may be separately needed in the following cases: Large temperature deviation in the installation location, high humidity, too cold or too hot object to be inspected.