X-ray inspection system

SX69 Type

SX69 Type


W (waterproof)

Model SX6976D SX69106D
Dimension of inspection product *1 W673mm
Transport weight   25kg×2個
Transport belt speed   10~30 m/min ※2
Belt width   730mm
Detection sensitivity   φ0.3mm iron or stainless ball, stone, hard bone, and high density plastic pieces, etc. *3
Display unit   15-inches are wide TFT color LCD (with touch panel)
Structure  Main unit/Base: All-stainless (SUS304) Water-proof structure (Conveyor): IP66 or equivalent
Pass line   500±50mm
Max X-ray output Tube voltage:75kV
Tube current:8.0mA
(A power limit is300W)
Tube voltage:100kV
Tube current:5.0mA
(A power limit is300W)
Operating environment   Temperature: 0 to 35℃, Humidity: 30 to 85%, No dew condensation allowed.
(It is necessary to clean the filter periodically.
WEIGHT 700kg
Power supply AC200V±10% 1.5kVA 50/60Hz ※4

* 1 For details, see the drawing of the possible inspection range.
* 2 For other transport speed models, contact System Square Inc.
* 3 The detection capacity may vary depending on the type of inspection product and the operating environment.
* 4 Power consumption is different when cooling unit is equipped.
* The detection sensitivity to be used actually may vary depending on the physical properties (contents and shape, etc.) of inspection product and/or the operating environment.
* The cover to prevent the X-ray leak may be required at the inlet and outlet according to the length of inspection product.
* The contents of the items described above are subject to change without prior notice due to continual improvement.

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