Creative group boasting perfect technology system!
We stare at the inspection technology from the basics.


SensorWe provide highly precise special sensor technologies with the utilization of the laser, magnetic flux, and X-ray. Utilization of the sensor technologies for the measurement and inspection processes is absolutely required to create high-quality products.


HardwareWe provide special design to optimally process enormous quantity of data obtained from the sensors at a high-speed. We can rapidly design special hardware for high-level needs, which cannot be solved by the existing hardware.


SoftwarePrograms that play an important role to operate the system are important technologies to make the system applicable to various kinds of user’s needs. We support various business activities to strictly pursuit easy-to-operate system.


MechatoronicsWe can provide custom-made design corresponding to the needs in the production field. We always strive to consider from a viewpoint of the user in order to manufacture products that meet the expectations.

Production/quality control

Production/quality controlWe always strive to perform the continual improvement at the metal detector and X-ray inspection system production factory so as to provide products with higher quality and higher accuracy. Products manufactured from the optimized production system earn the trust from the world market.


SaleWe perform the empathetic consulting sales activity to support the needs at the customers’ production sites.

After-sales service

After-sales serviceWe provide full maintenance system so that the customer operates the system at its maximum operating level after installation.

Past development results of image inspection system

We introduce a part of products developed by System Square.